Crossing On A Thin Line

Crossing On A Thin Line

by Anuar Tahir

Chapter 3: The Meeting of a Thousand Suns

Arnold stood precariously at the sheltered bus stop. He tapped his fingers on his batman watch as he stared towards the empty distance. The watch showed 7.45am. He looked out to Lemmings road and wished that the straight bus to his school will arrive soon. The blue file filled with his notes was bulging like slab of stones.

“Damn, this file is heavy. Why did i..”? Arnold cursed himself

He saw scores of married couples strolling happily to the nearby convenience store; 7-11.

“Why do people have to marry?” Arnold thought to himself.

Arnold averted his eyes away from the happy couple and stared at the dreaded alley way beside 7-11. He took a heavy breath in and hoped that he would just meet that mysterious petite girl once again.

“Where the fuck is the bus?” Arnold muttered to himself.

He twirled his beard desperately trying to think of a way to get to school as fast as he could. There were no taxis in sight; Lemmings road was a remote road. He thought of walking to school. Although he knew the fastest route to get to school, he had never walked to school before. Arnold made his decision and crossed the road.

Eynn walked slowly, taking a breather while the fresh breeze blew her silky smooth black-brownish hair all over her face. The billowing winds blew her bright yellow office dress. A dark veil of angry clouds encircled the shying sun.

It was about to rain.

Eynn unzipped her black Chanel bag and took out her bright pink polka-dotted umbrella. She was physically alone in the park with no one to accompany her. It started to drizzle. The first raindrops trickled down her smooth complexion. She let a few of the raindrops to drop on her hair before she opened her umbrella.

“Let’s walk ever slowly now. I’ve got 30 more minutes before work starts anyway” Eynn thought to herself.

Arnold rushed towards a nearby shelter to take out his umbrella. He was drenched in cold rainwater. He wiped the few beads of raindrops off his face. He contemplated on which route to take; he knew that the shortest route will be full of puddles and that would mess up his Suede shoes. He had no choice but to take the longer path to school.

Arnold picked up his pace to reach his destination. He had gotten out of Lemmings road and he was fast approaching Terry Lane.

“Old Terry Park” the sign read.

Arnold walked swiftly into the park. The leaves on the sturdy oak trees were swaying back and forth violently to the strong winds. In the distance, Arnold could see a petite lady picking up her pace as the leaves began to fall. Droplets of rainwater pelted like razor-pointed katanas landed hard on Arnold’s umbrella. He too picked up the pace to have a look at the lady.

“Why is that girl all alone here, I wonder who she is?” Arnold thought to himself.

A strong gust of wind blew Arnold off balance and he lost grip of his file. The notes weren’t attached to his file. It broke open and the notes on his file flew with the wind. Arnold fumbled; he threw his umbrella away and waved his arms aggressively in the air to retrieve his notes back. The notes flew past a row of daisies and into river Terry. He looked on as his notes drifted slowly away from him.

“Heck it, I’m never gonna get them back!” Arnold shouted in anguish.

Arnold turned his attention to the winding road in front of him. He dragged his feet and picked up his umbrella off the ground. Rainwater was dripping freely off his drenched shirt. He opened his umbrella and walked slowly to school. He looked around and saw no one in the park except for himself.

“She’s gone” Arnold muttered to himself.

Arnold walked out of the park. His school was in sight.

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©Anuar Tahir. The story is the work of fiction. Any ideas and characters in the story are wholly owned by Anuar Tahir. Do not republish it under your name.


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