What makes me, me?

Do you see me, as what your eyes perceive of what I am?
Do you hear me, as what your ears whisper to you what I am?
Do you feel me, as what your heart tells you what I am?

Do you?

I am flesh and bones, like you.
I am blood and water, like you.
I am alpha and omega, like you.
I am human, like you.

Do you know?

That I am a mesh of ideas formed from the travels I had in my time.
And in time to come.
That I am a body of gathered knowledge from the books i read,
And the books I will read.
That I am living the lessons from the people who hurt and loved me,
And who built and destroyed me.

That I am Anuar Tahir.

Do you know now?

That I am a just a physical embodiment of what makes me, me.



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