Right over left, I cupped my hands together.
Lips murmured for an answer, head upward I looked up to empty space
Void, my voice devoid of emotions
Why do I ask? I wondered.

What is it that I want? my heart questioned.

My answer came. Her light unmistakeable.
Her heart, pure and unquestionable.
Dear god, my creator
I have met one of your beautiful creations

Who is she and why does she make me so happy? my heart questioned.

Her eyes light up like the fourth of July
When I set the fire in her heart
I held her hand tight when I looked at her, eye to eye
Dear god, you have given me your finest art.

Will she stay with me? my heart questioned.

She made me whole, never before I have been told
How she was my unintended
Uncalled for and how I realized how important she is to me.
Dear god,

Did you send me an angel?



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