I’ve taken a thousand snapshots of us in my dreams.
Tried to capture our love in four by six’s prints.
Cried for nights on end to make sense, tried to make it all worthwhile.
I was there when you need my hand, you pulled me down, grief stricken and took me on my last stand.
But baby you kick start my heart, i live for your smile.

And i knew you were all i need.

I sketched a memory of you, the prints had its day, faded away.
All i knew that nothing lasts forever, so i drew you, a sunflower by the bay.
I’ll pray lest it it be known to me that you’ll stay,
I know you wont ever leave me astray, so give me peace before judgement day.

And you knew I was all you need.

This last summer, you came to me, a red balloon on hand.
By the bay we met; I saw your smile, my sunflower and my god it was grand.
I took your hand in mine, your ring finger, placed my wedding band.
Your smile echoed three words I’d never forget, i love you.

And we knew we were all we need.



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